One of the key things that is not allowed in Lamu Old Town is a petrol station.

Anyone interested in such a business has two options: to either cross over to the mainland or to set it up in the Indian Ocean.

The reason behind this unique restriction is tied to the structural designs of buildings in the old town that are located closer to each other.

So it is an issue of concern: to keep at bay anything that could trigger a fire tragedy. This is on the premise that such an incident could reduce the tiny town to ashes.

In 2014, a petrol and gas store burnt at the Lamu Seafront area.

In December, 2017, a house burnt to ashes at Milano area in Lamu Town.

But the existing ban on sale of petrol in the Old Town has turned to others as an opportunity to reap big.

Three petrol stations on boats floating in the Indian Ocean have already been established, with thousands of boat operators and vehicle owners flocking the stations for fuel.

First Published on Business Daily