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iCast Media is a unique communications company dedicated to providing quality media solutions across a variety of complimentary media. We take the heartbeat of who you really are and add clarity to it. We add value, emotion and impact to it so people connect and respond. We integrate creativity and technical expertise to provide strategic multimedia solutions.

iCast Media is a full-service provider of Broadcast Documentaries, Event coverage and Advertising in Kenya. We offer all of your commercial media production needs at an affordable rate, including: Concept development, Advertorial crafting, Infomercials, Broadcast documentaries, Tv Hosts and Actors, Moderators, Editors and Producers.

Our approach begins with your message!  Which is your mission; it’s your vision and the unique message that connects you to the clients. We get a microscopic and telescopic view of who you are from every perspective possible, Who needs to hear it? How do they need to hear it? How can we raise expectations, perceptions, and conclusions?

As at April 2018 we have been able to partner and produce content for a number of organizations such as, Safaricom Tunukiwa Launch under Jayden Limited, Epic Properties limited, Pambazuka national lottery, Homes Expo, Queens Garden Hotel, Garissa County Government, Trans-nzoia County Government, and Kenya national Secretaries Association (KENASA) among others.

It is on that note that we want to express our interest in providing Video & Photo Event Coverage, Live LED Projection, Documentary and advertorial crafting services in your organization which is known to partner and work with professional.

We are here for you.

  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Internet Marketing 60%
  • App Development 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90%

Our Team

Mercy Tracy

Mercy Tracy

Director & Relations Manager

Preston Reagan

Preston Reagan

Broadcast Editor

Michael Wanjohi

Michael Wanjohi

Chief Operations Officer


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