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iCast Media is a unique communications company dedicated to providing quality media solutions across a variety of complimentary media. We believe the most successful projects are the result of creativity which drives our digital success. iCast Media is a full-service provider of Broadcast Documentaries, Event coverage and Advertising in Kenya. We offer all of your commercial media production needs at an affordable rate, including: Concept development, Advertorial crafting, Infomercials, Broadcast documentaries, Tv Hosts and Actors, Moderators, Editors and Producers.


What We Do


iCast Media produces documentaries with a wide range of topics including social, environmental, religious and political issues.
The company’s high production criteria and its constant growing wide network of contacts have earned iCast Media a significant position in the network of documentary production.

iCast Media produces television adverts in HD as well as 2D and 3D animation.
Our pool of professional team offers services from concept development, scripting, budgeting, location scouting, casting, hire of special film equipment, crew sourcing and production.
We are the experts.

iCast Media offers a wide range of event coverage: from a basic of 1 or 2 camera shoot to full kit event coverage of 8 HD camera shoot. We are well equipped to cover any size and scale of event withour packages including but not limited to Filming and Editing
for news room distribution, web upload, client archiving, mass DVD distribution, live streaming on digital platforms and live broadcast.

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